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Below are programs that we have created and are exclusivelt available through Heart2Heart. We also participate in community and corporate health fairs and we're available to speak in schools and for faith-based organizations!


We can help customize a program for your group! Use the form below to tell us how we can assist you today!


Learn more about Coronary Artery Calcium Scans!

This exclusive presentation includes segments on heart disease, prevention and educates participants on Coronary Artery Calcium Scans - one of the most effective tools today to detect heart disease at its earliest stages. This presentation makes a great lunch-n-learn program and can be customized to meet your schedule.

Contact us to schedule a free community showing of this ground-breaking film!

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Introducing our new women's advocacy campaign! By becoming a Red Heart Mama, you will become part of our national effort to raise awareness about OUR number one killer and, more importantly, that we can PREVENT this devestating disease not only for ourselves but for our families!


Our goal is to help women collectively say that we want:


• more women screened early for heart disease
• physicians to work together for the total health of the woman
• to see that 50% of the research on heart health to include women
• more gender-specific studies
• women who have had heart issues to be referred to cardiac rehab 
• women to be able to complete cardiac rehab
• more mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, wives, and friends to live out their years with their family!


We believe that awareness and education are the foundation of everything that we do! We also strongly believe that early screenings for heart disease saves lives!  That's why in 2015, we worked with Governor Nikki Haley's office and the SC DHEC to create our Statewide Screening Day Initiative.  Held on the third Thursday of Heart Month (February), we partner with health care providers from across the state of South Carolina to offer free basic heart health screenings to women and men!

This is our largest annual event for the York County area!  We created this event in collaboration with the Rock Hill School District 3, the Rock Hill Galleria, Piedmont Medical Center and dozens of local organizations committed to helping parents give their children a healthy start to the new school year.  Learn more here!

Heart2Heart Speakers Bureau

The following represent the speakers available in the York County, SC area. If you would like to create a program for your area, please contact us and we will work with local partners to customize one for you. 

Sheila Caldwell, President/Founder

As a heart attack survivor, Sheila's presentation about her experience helps women understand more about heart disease & inspires them to take charge of their own heart health.  Her presentations can be customized for women, mixed audiences, seniors and children and adapted for time limits.

Want to learn CPR? 

Schedule Deb for your group!

Debby King, RN, VP/Co-Founder

When it comes to teaching smoking cessation, Debby has had more than 15 years of experience helping people kick the habit. Heart2Heart's program, "When It's OK to be a Quitter" is available for community groups and corporate settings. As the manager of Cardiac Rehabiliation for Piedmont Medical Center, Debby can also speak to groups about the importance of this program for survivors and their families!

Jimmie Sherrill, RN, Board Member

As a key member of Heart2Heart's community outreach programs, Jimmie's stress management presentations are among our more popular sessions. Combining Jimmie's gentle presentation and practical methods of reducing and managing stress, her program gives real hope for making positive life changes. Jimmie is also an integral part of our partnership with heart health screenings and education through People's First Wellness.

Carol Green, Taste of Healing

As a heart patient and a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Carol's presentations empower individuals on their journey to reclaim optimal wellness through strengthening foundational nourishment. As an accomplished chef, her programs can include her popular cooking demonstrations!

Dr. Sushil Singhi, FACC, FACP, FAHA

Carolina Cardiology Associates

As a preventionist, Dr. Singhi is passionate about sharing the message of heart health! His presentations on heart disease, it's connection with Alzheimer's and the options for identifying heart disease early make him one of our most-sought after speakers.

Dr. Vasant Patel, FACC, FSCAI

Carolina Cardiology Associates

What is heart disease? What causes it? The questions you have about this preventable disease can be answered  through the knoweldgeable presentation given by Dr. Patel.  Learn how the simple decisions we're making every day affects our heart health!

Dr. Talil Baki, FACC

Carolina Cardiology Associates

Can you really die from a broken heart? The answer, astonishingly, is yes! Find out how stress can really impact your heart health and can lead to early death! Dr. Baki gives you the upclose look at what happens to your heart and answers your questions!

Dr. Naresh Mori, FACC

Carolina Cardiology Associates

What do we know about heart disease when we're young, when we're middle-aged and as we age? Learn about your own life-style choices and how they impact the risk factors that lead to this preventable disease through Dr. Mori's interactive program.

Dr. Arun Kundra, FHRS

Carolina Cardiology Associates

Millions suffer from Atrial Fibrillation. What causes it? Dr. Kundra, Piedmont Heart & Vascular Center’s on- staff electrophysiologist, discusses innovative technologies to diagnose and treat interruptions and irregularities in heart rhythm.

Dr. Harry Hicklin, III

Palmetto Cardiology of York County

A native of Rock Hill, Dr. Hicklin has cared for heart patients for more than 20 years. As

Director of the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Department at Piedmont Medical Center, he also knows the importance that prevention plays for survivors. 

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Our mission is to inspire and enable women and their loved ones to take action that prevents heart attack, stroke, and premature death.

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