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We all know that early detection saves lives!  Most of us are pretty faithful about getting our mammograms, our OB/GYN visits ... even colonoscopies!

But what a lot of women still don't know is that heart disease kills 6 times more women than ALL of the cancers combined. 


The good news is that by having a Heart Health Screening, doctors can identify those women who are at high risk for developing heart disease!  

We know you!  You'll put everyone else first ... but your heart health is not something you can put off for another day! The great part is, not only can we help you live heart healthy but the same prevention steps will help your entire family ... especially the children!


Through our partnerships with health care providers, we can help women and their loved ones take proactive steps to prevent heart attack, stroke and premature death! Many of the screenings are free while others are available at a low cost. For women who need financial assistance, we raise funds to provide scholarships so you can get the heart health screenings you need. 




FREE basic screenings are available to women and men on the third Thursday of each month in the Resource Center at Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill.  The screening includes a full lipid profile (cholesterol check), blood pressure check, blood glucose check, BMI and review of family/personal medical history. You will also receive your "Heart Age" which can be a wake up call for some!  There is no charge for this screening. Appointments are not required but are recommended.

During Heart Month, we work with Health Care Providers to help South Carolinians across the state learn their risk for heart disease and how to win the fight against heart disease! Find our more about our Statewide Screening Day program here!




This assessment combines the basic heart health screening with a 12-lead EKG and review of your results by a board-certified cardiologist. You will get your basic screening results on the same day while the results of the EKG and cardiologist's review will typically be mailed to you. There are some select events where a cardiologist will participate and you are welcome to chat with them about your results!  Appointments are requested for this screening and is open to women and men over 40 years of age. The Piedmont Medical Center assessment costs $39.95 and we have scholarships available to women who need financial assistance.  Contact us for more information!




Think of it as a “mammogram” for your heart. Except you don’t have to undress, it’s painless, takes about 5 minutes and can be a lot less expensive!


A Coronary Calcium Scoring is one of the most advanced methods available today to detect heart disease in its earliest stages. This screening uses noninvasive, high-speed computerized tomography (CT) to scan your heart and detect calcium deposits.  Where there’s calcium, there’s plaque!


Taking into account other factors such as your age, family history and cholesterol level, your doctor will use your personal calcium score to measure your future risk for heart disease.


For some, it’s peace of mind. It means you keep following your plan of prevention! For those with scores that indicate a risk for heart disease, your doctor can recommend a plan of prevention to help you slow the progression of the disease. When you consider that half the people who died suddenly from heart disease had no symptoms, early detection can not only help you live a healthier life but could, in fact, save your life!  


Coronary Calcium Screenings are available through Carolina Cardiology Associates in York County and SC Heart Center in Lexington County.  Special rates are available to qualified women and men referred by The Heart2Heart Foundation, so contact us about scheduling this screening.


The current protocol for this screening covers men 45 years and women 55 years of age and older however exceptions are typically made for adults at least 40 years of age with one or more risk factors for heart disease.


This information is provided for educational purposes only. Please consult your physician for specific screening, diagnosis and treatment.  The American Heart Association & the American College of Cardiology have approved the use of Coronary CT Scans & Calcium Scoring for asymptomatic middle-risk patients.  


Watch this ground-breaking documentary here for FREE!

Dr. Matthew Budoff

Professor of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine

Expert medical opinion on coronary calcification.


David Bobbett, Founder IDHA

David’s extended Research on Calcification.


Watch this incredible documentary to learn why Coronary Calcium Scoring is saving lives! Available on Netflix, YouTube, Vudu or Amazon Prime.

Contact us to schedule a community showing of the film.


Qualified participants can schedule a CAC through a referral from Heart2Heart for only $75

Call 803-524-5135

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Physician order required. Call for more information!


NOTE: Coronary Artery Calcium Scan is  a screening and is intended for asymptomatic patients. If you are having any symptoms, call 9-1-1 and seek help immediately!

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Our mission is to inspire and enable women and their loved ones to take action that prevents heart attack, stroke, and premature death.

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