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Annual Report 2021

Touching hearts. Saving lives.

Collective Impact

2021 Virtual Gala Participants: 295*
Virtual Program Attendance: 490*
H2H Webinar Attendance: 750*
In-Person Program Attendance: 308*

Bookbags with School Supplies: 2,200 students*
Parent Resource Bags: 1,000 parents/guardians*
COVID Home Testing Kits: 4,500 adults/youth
Hand Sanitizers: 3,588 units
Back-to-School Face Masks: 2,000
COVID Vaccinations: 23

Advance CVD Evaluations: 20*
Coronary Artery Calcium Scan Referrals: 17

Saving the Saviors Participants
Webinar: 16*

Phase One: 10*

#RedHeartMamas by the end of 2021:  1,072*

*We are blessed to have shared our message of prevention and hope with 6,161 adults and youth in 2021!

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