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heart health resources: manage blood pressure

Checking Blood Pressure

manage blood pressure

There's a reason why high blood pressure has earned the name "silent killer!"  That's because most people typically don't have symptoms from high blood pressure until there's a serious problem. 

By the age of 20, you should have your blood pressure checked. If you have a family history of early heart disease, your doctor may begin checking your blood pressure in your teens. Your doctor may diagnose you with having hypertension (high blood pressure) if you have consistently high readings.

High blood pressure is one of the risk factors that can be prevented or managed. Healthy nutrition, limiting your sodium intake and getting adequate sleep and watching your stress are lifestyle changes you adopt now. If you are a smoker, then kicking the habit is critical for your success!


High Blood Pressure 101

There are several causes for your elevated blood pressure results, including:

  • Your age. While this typically occurs in older adults, we are seeing more children and teens with hypertension who are overweight or obese. 

  • Family history, ethnicity and gender

  • Lifestyle habits: exercise, eating, smoking, drug use

  • Some medications, other medical conditions or hormonal changes

  • Social and economic factors


Self-Measured Blood Pressure Instructions

US Blood Pressure Validated Device Listing

The following list of blood pressure measurement devices have been validated for clinical accuracy as determined through an independent review process.

Please click here to access the list from the American Medical Association.

Healthy Eating for Healthy BP!

The DASH Eating Plan is one commonly recommended for high blood pressure:  



1. High blood pressure is genetic so there's not much I can do about it.

2. Since I don't use table salt, so sodium isn't an issue and I am controlling my blood pressure.

3. Kosher and sea salt are good alternatives to table salt.

4. Wine is good for my blood pressure so I can drink as much as I want.

5. Since my readings are lower, I can stop taking my BP meds.

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