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Survivors Have Heart

As a heart attack survivor, Sheila Caldwell along with her husband, Bill Caldwell, are honored to serve with Celebrity Trainer and fellow survivor Bob Harper and other Survivor Have Heart Champions from across the United States. 


"There are 8.8 million heart attack survivors in the United States. Behind that number are real stories from survivors and their loved ones. Discover how Survivors Have Heart helps heart attack survivors move forward together, one step at a time."

Survivors Have Heart Charlotte

About Survivors Have Heart

"Heart attacks leave more than just physical hurdles to overcome. They leave deeply emotional ones too. Survivors Have Heart is a national community created to support survivors and their loved ones through both of these aspects of the post–heart attack journey. Our mission is to empower survivors, their families, and their friends every step of the way. We provide a community that connects people who truly understand what it’s like to be a heart attack survivor—because they’ve been there too."

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