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share our special covid-19 psa campaign!

If you have heart disease, diabetes or are obese, learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine:


According to recent information, most of the hospitalizations in the US

due to COVID-19 can be linked back to four pre-existing conditions:

  • 30% to obesity

  • 26% to high blood pressure

  • 21% to diabetes

  • 12% to heart failure

The Heart2Heart Foundation has launched a virtual PSA campaign to help encourage eligible women and men to receive a COVID-19 vaccine at their earliest opportunity. We also encourage you to follow CDC guidelines and continue the mitigation efforts which have helped slow the spread and save lives during this pandemic.


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SOURCE: WebMD "Most Severe COVID Cases Tied to Four Conditions"

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Learn more about COVID Vaccinations at the CDC or SC DHEC websites.  Feel free to link to these!

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