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Singhi Charitable Foundation


Singhi Charitable Foundation pictured: Dylan Singhi, Dr. Namrata Singi, Dr. Ryan Singhi, Dr. Sushil Singhi & Nilu Singhi

The Passionate Pursuit of Healthy Hearts!


David Bobbett - Irish Heart Disease Awareness with Sheila Caldwell and

Dr. Sushil Singhi at showing of "The Widowmaker." at Winthrop University, November 2015.

As an interventional cardiologist, Dr. Sushil Singhi has dedicated almost three decades of his life to saving lives.

As someone who has personally suffered the loss of family and friends to heart disease, he has also extended his expertise to prevention and early detection. For almost 10 years, Dr Singhi has served as a Medical Advisor with The Heart2Heart Foundation to help more women and men learn their risk and how to win the fight against our #1 killer.

Thanks to his family's Singhi Charitable Foundation, we can take our mission to a whole new level!

Learn more about the Singhi Charitable Foundation:

Dr. Sushil Singhi and his wife, Nilu, announce the official launch of the Frontline Heroes Wellness Fund at the 10th Anniversary Celebration of The Heart2Heart Foundation. 

26 February 2022 - Facebook Live


a hero!


To designate your gift for this project, please select

Frontline Heroes Wellness Fund from the dropdown menu.

Funding for the Frontline Heroes Wellness Fund provided by

Singhi Charitable Foundation 


Dr. & Mrs. Sushil Singhi have supported 

The Heart2Heart Foundation since its beginning in 2012. As Dr. Singhi has been integral in the creation of our Advance CVD Prevention Screening Program through our signature programs such as #TestNotGuess and Saving the Saviors, the Singhi family has expanded their commitment to include more at-risk women and men in the York, Chester and Lancaster Counties. 

The Heart2Heart Foundation is grateful to the Singhi family for their partnership through the Frontline Heroes Wellness Fund to serve those who serve us each day!

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Donations for the Frontline Heroes Wellness Fund are designated to serve participants in this program. All gifts are tax=deductible as allowed by law.  H2H | EIN# 47-1239466

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