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1. Go to your Facebook page. This can be done from your personal or business page. 

2. Click to create a post.  Use suggested text below.

3. Under Add to your post ... click on the more link:  ...

4. From the menu, type The Heart2Heart Foundation in the "search here for a nonprofit" field.

5. Before closing this link, click on Tag Event and select Jeepers Have Heart Scavenger Hunt.


Excited to have a team in the Jeepers Have Heart Scavenger Hunt to benefit The Heart2Heart Foundation. You can help me raise awareness & funds to support their heart health education, lifestyle coaching & advance screening programs including their new Saving the Saviors program for first responders.


MY TEAM NAME: # (enter your team name here)


If you're a Jeeper, we'd love to invite you to participate, too!

1. Join our FREE Jeepers Have Heart Facebook group:

2. Sign up your team for the Scavenger Hunt:

3. Set up your personal or team fundraising campaign to benefit The The Heart2Heart Foundation to earn points for terrific rewards. Visit to learn more!


Thank you in advance for your support!

How to set up your Facebook fundraiser!

Now that you have registered your Jeepers Have Heart team, it's time to set up your Facebook fundraising campaign. 

Why are we using Facebook?  Simply, most of our followers use this social media platform - as do millions more - and because we are a charity recognized by Facebook, we are not charged fees. That means that 100% of the donations you raise on behalf our cause will be available to provide our services and programs to the community.

Like the images? CLICK HERE to access our file share!

Jeepers Have Heart Logo-01.png


Jeepers Have Heart Scavenger Hunt is open to women and men, ages 18 & up. The event will be held in York County, South Carolina. Read rules here.

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